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1 W Store  Shopfront 180 x 150  - Aerial Bold 8 (2)

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1 W Store  Shopfront 180 x 150  - Aerial Bold 8 (2)

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2 Shopfront 2 Aerial Bold 8 - 2  180 x 150 (2)
3 Shopfront 3 Aerial Black 8 180 x 150 (2)

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 Trader Name & Town

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Dept 6

 Trader Name & Town

Dept 7

 Trader Name & Town

Dept 8

 Trader Name & Town

 Development Suggestions

1 W Store  Shopfront 180 x 150  - Aerial Bold 8 (2)

Category Store Example

< Formal
 All Regions

Live love local England 125 x 136

Midland Trader Set Up

bestbuy logo revision Clarity  180 x 109  4 60


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